Employment Services

 There are many reasons why market-leading companies choose to outsource their work force; a few of the reasons are:

  • Better utilization of internal resources
  • Time and cost savings in terms of support divisions such as Administration, Payroll, Manpower and Human Resources.
  • Converts a fixed overhead into a variable overhead, as it’s the Client who determines the level and quantity of staff needed at any given time. What this means to you is when you are busy we can supply you with additional checked staff and when you enter the slow season the number of staff you use can also drop, thus keeping your overheads in line with your output.
  • Total flexibility.
  • Partnership with a law abiding employment service provider ensures the client avoids any unnecessary labour problems insofar as the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act are concerned.
  • We supply all our staff employment contracts, handle their IRP5’s, all WCA and Disability claims, Statutory payments, as well as register and pay over any and all Bargaining council levies and funds
  • Distribute pay slips to employees on time
  • Do electronic fund transfers (EFT) to the staff
  • Issue employees with necessary PPE
  • Handle all disciplinary inquiries
  • Management reports to clients (MIS)
  • Transport employees to various sites
  • We send the employees for medical examinations if required by client.
  • By you not taking staff from the gate
    • You do not have to carry additional cash on site to pay them.
    • You are no longer perceptible to any legal implications of staff working for you more than 3 days in a week.
    • You avoid the risk of bringing possible criminal entities onto your site.